• Grab this golden opportunity to start your own business in education sector.

  • We welcome highly Passionate person having passion to work in children education and is willing to do the business for a long-term.

  • We are looking for the person with excellent entrepreneurial skills and managerial skills with clear vision.

  • Vedic Maths franchise for person, who want to run the course at their center/institute can also approach us.

  • Person with zeal to become successful and Entrepreneurs looking for additional business opportunity can also join us.
  • Duration

  • he franchise is given for 3 years initially, after which it can be renewed.
  • Earning

  • The Revenue model of the Franchisee will be directly proportional to the number of students enrolled.

  • The Franchisee’s effort in enrolling more students is must to increase profitability of business.
  • Why Vedic Maths Olympiad

  • The process in which Swarna bhasma (ash of gold) with other herbal extracts taken in the form of semi liquid and given to the children through their mouth is called as Swarnaprashana, Suvarnaprashana, Swarnamritha Prashana or Swarna Bindu Prashana.

  • It’s a unique method of immunization which helps the children to boost up the intellectual power and produces non specific immunity in body to fight against general disorders.

  • It’s a magical tool to reduce scratch work withTime saving calculations & Improves concentration. Another key features of Vedic Mathematics is to enhance analytical skills, pattern observations, speed thinking etc. It is also an insight into development of Mathematics in India during the past 3000 years.
  • Training to set up Vedic Mathematics

  • We mentor franchise for effective set up and smooth management with complete business plan. We do support in -
    1. Academic Training
    2. Product Training
    3. Marketing Training
    4. Counseling Training