• Online batches open for Grade 4 to Grade 12 students
  • Calculate 10 times faster than regular Mathematics
  • Reduce your fear of Mathematics
  • AANKDA – Vedic Maths Competition registration open

About Vedic Maths

Our mission is to prepare students for the 21st Century by engaging all learners in ancient mathematical learning experience. Focusing on students’ needs towards mathematics, we engage all the students in competitive environment and offer equal opportunities to prepare for challenges of mathematics in the educational world.

Vedic Mathematics

  • Helps a student to solve problem almost 10-15 times faster.
  • Improve calculation speed in Mathematics.
  • It’s a magical tool to reduce scratch work.
  • Time saving calculations & Improves concentration.
  • Thinking process gets enhanced.
  • Enhance analytical skills, Pattern observations, Calculation speed thinking.
  • Get an insight into development of Mathematics in India during the past 3000 years.

AANKDA – Vedic Maths Competition

  • Competition for Grade 4 to Grade 12 Students
  • Online Vedic Maths Competition
  • 2 Complementary session on Vedic Maths tricks
  • E-Certificate to all participants
  • Vedic Maths book along with registration


Vedic Mathematics is one of the most upcoming ancient as well as more relevant to the contemporary education system. Vedic Maths Competition is the wonderful platform to enhance the skills of students and providing them a chance to compete with students of other schools too. Alok shah & Umang Zaveri deserve the credit for taking up the challenge and initiate it. Congrats and All the best.Dhaval B. SolankiVishwabharati English Medium School

We had fun doing Vedic Mathematics in class. The class environment was very friendly. It is very helpful to me in my all exams and commercial calculations. We also got Vedic Mathematics book that had a step-by-step explanations for all the problems. Overall its was very helpful and awesome experience. Jay Bhadreshwara 7th Class, Zydus school for Excellence

8th Class, Udgam School for Children It was a great experience while studying Vedic Maths. Before that I had lots of problems in multiplication but when I completed Vedic Maths course, it become as easy as kicking the football. Vedic Mathematics is also very good it gives me confidence of solving the paper on time without any stress.Henil shah8th Class, Udgam School for Children

Vedic Maths Competition is one of the best source to feel the power of Vedic Mathematics. With the help of Vedic Mathematics students can reduce the fear of Mathematics, solve the problem almost 10-15 times faster, Improves concentration and calculation speed in Mathematics and boosts self confidence. It’s also useful in cracking competitive exams.Poonam SharmaPrincipal,Shree Mirambika English Medium School Naranpura, Ahmedabad

Shortcuts in Maths sound easy. With the help of Vedic Maths we can make the most biggest calculations easy. Vedic Maths help me to do calculations faster and easier which boosts up my confidence in Maths exam. It saves lots of my during my Maths exam. Thank you Alok sir & Umang sir.Devarshi Trivedi9th Class, Udgam school for Children

Vedic Maths helps me to increase my concentration level by using its magic tricks. It saves time during my Maths exam and I can able to complete my maths paper very easily. It makes mathematics as fun.Himani Shukla8th Class, South West High School

Vedic Mathematics helped me a lot in doing any of the problems quickly and easily by short cut tricks. It reduces my fear in mathematics and now really to do Maths is like a game. It is now fun to study maths.Stuti Patel8th Class, Adani Vidya Mandir