Vedic Maths Aankda is the best way to motivate the students towards Mathematics and make them confidant & accurate with the magic of Vedic Maths.

To start with, we would like to introduce “Vedic Mathematics Aankda” for students of Class 4th to 12th.

2 training sessions on Vedic Maths methods will be provided free of cost to participant schools.

With the help of Vedic Maths Aankda some of the following calculation would be child’s play for the students

  1. 9999 x 9993
  2. 98345678 / 999
  3. (3452)2
  4. Cube root of 704969


Vedic Mathematics is ancient and simple method of Calculation which helps student to solve problem almost 10-15 times faster and Improve calculation speed in Mathematics.

It’s a magical tool to reduce scratch work withTime saving calculations & Improves concentration.

Another key features of Vedic Mathematics is to enhance analytical skills, pattern observations, speed thinking etc. Get insight into development of Mathematics in India during the past 3000 years.